June 18, 2009

Fall '09 Collection Fabrics

Aren't they pretty? And that is just a small sampling of all they yummy fabrics we will be using for our new collection. We can't wait to turn yardage into fashion and we are inviting you along for the ride.

If you hadn't already noticed, our blog is a bit sparse but not for long. We are moving from infant bloggers to toddler quickly and we promise to do our best to be current. I admit that this post alone has taken quite an undertaking to accomplish...kitchen is a mess, baby is in bed, rest of family mesmerized by Shrek...so of course, I snuck into the office for a brief encounter with cyberspace.

The process of starting our Fall '09 Collection began back in the Spring...which is actually when our Fall '09 Collection should have already been done...WHATEVER. We had just come down from the high of the success of our Spring collection and were rested and ready to start again. Most of the knits we planned on using for Fall were purchased on our first shopping trip to the LA Fashion District (that's a story for another time). We still needed so much...corduroy, velour, unique cotton prints etc. Retail was our only choice locally so we figured we would be off to LA again; however, my lovely, bright, smart friend Allison mentioned that there was a textiles convention at the Rio Hotel that very weekend...The International Textiles Expo to be exact...right in our back yard...BINGO!

And then we remembered we were amateurs and that they don't let just any old seamstress into a textiles convention just because they love fabric. I told you we were new at this. But never fear, Pattycakes is here! Our blossoming relationship with Patty Zimmer, owner of Pattycakes Kids, was once again working to our advantage. Patty was gracious enough to allow us to attend the convention as representatives of her lovely boutique. What an eye opening experience and what an education...we were like two kids in a candy store.