February 4, 2012

Let's Try This Again...

Well I guess it is a good thing that I have been soooo busy sewing that I don't have time to keep up my blog...right?  So much has changed since that last post in 2010 I don't know where to start!  No need to re-hash what is in the past so let's just jump right in to January 2012...need to set some goals to get this business moving!

But first I must bring you up to date on the major goals I accomplished in 2011.  Always good to cross stuff off of the list.  My most favorite of all is the design of my logo and branding package for my clothing line "Glad Heart"!  I used an amazing graphic designer on Etsy called 1 Sweet Orange.  Highly recommend! The toughest part was designing the logo but after that it was all downhill.  Check it out...

I love the simple lines, bold colors, and the arrow reflecting the eco-friendly upcycled nature of my clothing line.  I definitely had no idea what I was doing when it came to designing a logo.  Everything was too busy and detailed.   1 Sweet Orange educated me and set me straight...less is more!

Next step, business card.  The majority of the items in my shop are UPCycled from a gently used t shirt.  If people love something, whether it be a band or sports team, they usually have a t shirt for it.  I wanted the design to convey the idea that there is a t shirt for every pop-culture phenomenon under the sun.  I think 1 Sweet Orange captured the feel of my shop perfectly with these vintage pop-culture images.  Had everything printed by Moo and could not be happier with the service and quality.

Now we are on a roll!  How about a hang tag.  I used the mini cards from Moo to create the perfect hang tag for my clothing items.  It is just a simplified version and half the size of the business card.

My Etsy shop was in severe need of a makeover...the avatar and banner were poorly made by yours truly.  Now I look super legit and professional like :).

Finally, I had special placeholders made for my shop for custom orders, reserved listings, and a thank you's when it's time for customer feedback.  They are all editable so I can customize them with my customer's name.

In February I will lay out the goals for 2012...can you stand the suspense?  Ha!  I will give you a hint - to complete a minimum of 1 blog entry per month...I know - reaching for the starts right?  Until next time :).