May 21, 2009

Baby Blogger

Today is the day I officially become a blogger...I am a brand new babe to the world of the cyberspace diary. I have perused many a blog in the recent past sort of wondering why anyone would want to memorialize every little step in their matter how mundane or profound. And why would anyone want to read it? Naturally, I found myself re-visiting certain blogs and being sucked into the details wondering what was going to happen next...How was the sweet young couple with all the kids recovering from the plane crash...did the husband pull through?...Did the fabric designer I love so much release her latest collection?...How did the big trade show turn out for the baby blanket designing mom? And then I realized, not only was I engaged but I was also learning things I needed to help my own business grow. I was grateful for the selfless sharing of information and have decided to be a part of it.

Brava Boutique is our name and sewing unique custom clothing for little girls is our passion. The name of our clothing line is Glad Heart. As we approach our 1 year anniversary in August we thought it would be fun to memorialize the process we go through of creating a clothing line from it's birth. We will take you along for the ride as we design, sew, and market our Fall/Christmas Collection for 2009... but first we need to catch you up on how we got to where we are now...


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